Terms and Conditions

Timeshare Reservation Rules

  1. Accommodation
    Subject to the rules of the applicable Resort:

    1. Owners and Owner guests must advise the Resort management / reception immediately on their arrival at the Resort.
    2. The Owner or Owner guest must produce a written reservation confirmation to the Resort upon arrival. A Resort has the right to deny occupation in respect of any reservation should the reservation confirmation not be produced or not be correctly completed, in which case Vacation Management Services will not accept responsibility for the refusal by the Resort to allow occupation.
    3. An Owner or Owner guest who believes that he will check in after the check-in time specified in the reservation confirmation and displayed at the Resort, must advise the Resort beforehand.
    4. Resorts may require a security or breakage deposit on arrival.
    5. Number of persons

    6. No Unit may be occupied by more than the number of persons determined for the Unit by the Resort.
    7. Prohibited materials

    8. No Owner or Owner guest may bring into, store or use any flammable liquid, chemical, gas, or other material in a Unit, other than the materials intended for the proper use in such Unit.
    9. Inspection

    10. The management of the Resort may inspect and carry out all necessary repairs to a Unit at all reasonable hours.
    11. Keys

    12. No Owner or Owner guest may make a copy of the key to a Unit and all Owners and Owner guests must return all keys to the Resort management / reception at the time of checking out.
    13. Motor vehicles

    14. The use of motor vehicles, motor cycles, trailers, caravans or boats may only be driven, parked, moored or used in accordance with the rules of the Resort relating to motor vehicles.
    15. Personal charges

    16. Owners and Owner guests who wish to use available telephone, facsimile, baby sitters, tours, cleaning and any other such services, may be charged at the prevailing rates, which charges may be payable directly to the Resort immediately or at the time of checking out. The Resort may require a security deposit for such services at the time of checking in, for example, a credit card. Any other fee charged by the Resort, including fees such as electricity and water usage, gate fees and fishing licences, shall be paid directly to the Resort. Vacation Management Services cannot be held responsible for the payment of these fees and the provision of any services.
  2. Facilities
    Booking and use of facilities –

    1. Any facilities available for booking and use must be booked and used in accordance with the rules of the Resort.
    2. Use of any facilities is solely at the risk of the user.
    3. Restriction on use of facilities –

    4. Owners and Owner guests must comply with any restrictions imposed by the Resort management on the use, or continued use of any facilities or amenities offered, including the payment of any fees for the use thereof.
  3. Visitors
    It is the responsibility of the inviting Owner or Owner guest to ensure that visitors are properly familiar with, and in all respects, comply with these Rules and the rules of the Resort. The Owner or Owner guest will be personally responsible for the conduct of his visitors and any act or omission by such visitor will be deemed the act or omission of the Owner or Owner guest.
  4. Conduct
    All Owners and Owner guests, whilst occupying any Unit or using any facility, must:

    1. comply with these Rules;
    2. comply with the rules of the Resort relating to the occupation of the Unit and the use of the facilities;
    3. comply with any request or direction of the management of the Resort;
    4. not contravene, or permit contravention of any law, by-law, ordinance, house rule or any condition of any licence relating to occupation of the Unit or use of the facilities;
    5. not conduct themselves in any manner which shall or may be a nuisance, disturbance, hazard, or an unreasonable interference with the use and peaceful enjoyment of other Units and facilities by other Owner or guest of the Resort;
    6. not occupy any Unit or use any facility for any purpose which is or may be illegal or injurious to the good name and reputation of Vacation Management Services;
    7. not make any alterations to or damage or deface any part of any Unit or facility.
  5. Vacation Management Services not liable
    1. Vacation Management Services shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to the property or injury to the person of any Owner or Owner guest, nor those claiming occupation under them at any Resort, arising from any cause whatsoever. All Owners and Owner guests hereby indemnify and hold harmless Vacation Management Services, its management, staff and / or agents from and against all loss or damage to that person’s property and person, howsoever lost, damaged or injured, and whether caused by any negligent act or omission on the part of Vacation Management Services, its management, staff and / or agents, or other Owner or guest.
    2. Vacation Management Services shall in no way be responsible for any Owner’s nor Owner guest’s reluctance to occupy, loss or refusal of occupation of any Unit, or use of any facility, as a result of:
      1. the Owner or Owner guest not complying with these Rules and / or the rules of the Resort;
      2. any act of God; or
      3. any inconvenience or nuisance occasioned, poor condition or standard of the Unit, facilities, roads and infrastructure at or leading to the Resort. Any Week lost or forfeited thereby will not be refunded to the Owner or Owner guest.
    All comments and complaints concerning the Resort should be forwarded to Member Services at the head office of Vacation Management Services.
  7. Breach of the Rules
    If any Owner or Owner guest, or other person at the invitation of the Owner or Owner guest, occupying any Unit, fails to comply with the provisions of these Rules or of the rules of the Resort or engages in conduct which in the reasonable opinion of management is prejudicial to the interests of Vacation Management Services, the Resort, or other Owners and guests of the Resort, then the management of the Resort may take such action as it deems reasonably necessary to terminate that Owner’s or Owner guest’s use and occupation of any Unit and may suspend the exercise by that Owner or Owner guest of any other rights management may reasonably determine and which is in the interests of Vacation Management Services and the Owners as a whole. Notwithstanding such suspension, the Owner remains liable to pay all levies, including special levies.
  8. Use of Timeshare Week
    1. An Owner may use his timeshare Week as set out hereunder, provided:
      1. all amounts owed to the Resort, including levies and special levies, are fully paid up;
      2. the Week has not been ceded to another club or organisation; and
      3. the Owner must conclude the transaction personally.
    2. The onus remains on the Owner to inform Vacation Management Services annually how he wishes to transact with his Week for that year.
    3. Owner use

    4. The Week may be used personally by the Owner only if he has expressly confirmed that he will be occupying Unit for the Week.
    5. Owner guest

    6. If the Owner cannot or does not wish to use his Week, the Owner may send a guest to the Resort only if he has expressly confirmed this no less than 14 days prior to occupation date that he will be sending a guest to occupy his unit, and the reservation confirmation expressly records the name of the guest, failing which the Resort may refuse occupation of the Week.
    7. Exchange Companies

    8. In order to bank a timeshare week with any registered exchange company, the Owner must be a valid member of that exchange company.
    9. The Owner has to communicate their intentions to exchange their week/s via Vacation Management Services, who in turn will liaise with the exchange company to complete the transaction.
    10. If at the date the Owner wishes to bank his/her Week with an exchange company, the levy has not yet been raised by the Resort, the Owner must pay an estimated levy calculated on the current year’s levy plus a minimum of 12%. The Week will only be banked with the exchange company once the estimated levy reflects as a credit on the Owner’s levy account.

      The terms and conditions of the exchange company, as it may vary from time to time, applies.

    11. Rental of timeshare week

    12. An Owner may place his Week in the rental pool up to 30 days prior to occupation date.
      1. if he has not exercised any of the above options;
      2. the Week will be available for occupation;
      3. the prescribed administration fee is paid.
    13. If the Week is rented out, the Owner will receive the rental amount received, less a 25% commission (excluding VAT) payable to the rental agent.
    14. Neither Vacation Management Services, nor its appointed rental agent, warrant in any way that the Week will be rented out nor accept any responsibility therefore nor the payment of any levies due to the Resort. As such the Owner acknowledges that participation in the rental pool is at the Owner’s risk.
  9. Flexi Weeks
    1. Owners of flexi weeks are allocated a flexi credit on 1 January annually, which they may use to book another out of season week at their own timeshare resort annually, subject to availability, and provided the request is made at least 30 days prior to occupation. Flexi credits will expire if not used by the end of the year in which it was allocated.
    2. An Owner or Owner guest wishing to cancel a confirmed reservation must send written notice of their intention to do so to Vacation Management Services.
      1. Reservations may be cancelled up to eight weeks prior to the occupation date without penalty.
      2. Any cancellations done with less than eight weeks to the occupation date will be subject to full forfeiture of the Flexi credit.
      3. Non arrival at the Resort is equivalent to full forfeiture of the Week.
  10. Rules binding on Owners and Owner guests
    1. These Rules shall be binding and enforceable by Vacation Management Services on all Owners, Owner guests and visitors.
    2. Without limiting the above, all Owners, Owner guests and visitors shall, for as long as they are in occupation of any Unit or making use of any facility, be bound by the rules and regulations of the Resort at which the Unit and facility are located.
  11. Amendments to Rules
    1. Vacation Management Services may from time to time, amend, vary or add to these Rules should such amendments, variations and additions necessary for regulating:
      1. the use and manner of use by Owners, Owner guests or visitors, of the accommodation; or
      2. changes in the timeshare exchange system; or
      3. changes in the services catered for herein by third parties.
    2. Any amendments, variations and additions to the Rules shall be brought to the notice of Owners within a reasonable time after they are made and in such manner as Vacation Management Services deems appropriate. Without limiting the afore going, such notice may be contained in correspondence, statements, periodicals or newsletters, in hard or electronic copy.
    3. Any Rule amended, varied or added shall become of force and effect, notwithstanding notice, 14 days of the Rule being so amended, varied or added.