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    Are there any special requirements in order to occupy my week?

    You may use your timeshare week provided that:

    • all amounts owed to the Resort, including levies and special levies, are fully paid up;
    • the Week has not been ceded to another club or organisation; and
    • you concluded the transaction personally.

    The onus remains on you, the Owner, to inform VMS annually on you wish to use your week.

    How do I fix my Flexi Week each year?

    Owners of flexi weeks are allocated a flexi credit on 1 January annually, which they may use to book another out of season week at their own timeshare resort annually, subject to availability, and provided the request is made at least 30 days prior to occupation. Flexi credits will expire if not used by the end of the year in which it was allocated.

    Can I have a day visitor at the resort or send a guest?

    Yes, you may. Please just inform reception of any day visitors that you may expect.

    If you cannot or does not wish to use your Week, you may send a guest to the Resort. Please note that we require you to confirm this arrangement at least 14 days before occupation. We will also require that the reservation confirmation shows the name of the guest. Without this information the resort may refuse occupation of the Week.

    It is the responsibility of the inviting Owner or Owner guest to ensure that visitors are properly familiar with, and in all respects, comply with these Rules and the rules of the Resort. The Owner or Owner guest will be personally responsible for the conduct of his visitors and any act or omission by such visitor will be deemed the act or omission of the Owner or Owner guest.

    Can I exchange my Week for one elsewhere?

    In order for you to exchange your Week for time elsewhere, you need to register with an exchange company. iExchange is the preferred exchange provider for VMS.

    To exchange your week you need to follow these simple steps:

    • Register with iExchange
    • Ensure that your annual levies are paid
    • Bank your Week with iExchange
    • Accept the iPoints quotes they offer in exchange for your week
    • Book your next holiday using your iPoints.

    For more information on iExchange and the benefits of exchanging your Week, click here.

    What are levy increases based on?

    Levy increases are based on operating costs, planned refurbishments and the day-to-day running of resorts including staffing requirements.

    Can I rent my Week to generate income?

    If you choose to bank your week, you would place your week into the VMS Rental Pool for the week/date you banked. The income received for your unit, would then be paid into your levy account which can either be paid out to yourself or used to pay for your future levy.

    You may place your Week in the Pool up to 30 days prior to occupation and if you’ve not used your week or exchanged it with iExchange. It’s also important that the prescribed administration fee has been paid.

    Your owners share will be credited to your levy account at the end of the month, in which your week was occupied and calculated as follows:

    Gross Rental Income: this is the income earned by renting out your unit/week
    Less: Commission (The rental agents charge 25% excl VAT)
    Equals: Your payment, which will be credited to your levy account

    It is important to note that the levy for your week needs to be paid prior to you placing your unit in the rental pool, the income then derived from the rental can then either be paid out or used towards your next week levy

    Can I purchase more timeshare weeks?

    For affordable timeshare purchasing options, visit www.cyclivacs.co.za for a list of other available weeks.