Bank Your 2016 Week

Banking your week with iExchange means you’ll be able to exchange it for a holiday elsewhere and seeing another part of our beautiful country or, even go abroad. So, how do you go about banking your week?

  • Make sure your levies are paid in full.
  • Bank your week online with iExchange or call them on 0861 439 242.
  • If you bank your week more than 180 days before occupation iExchange will give you 10% extra iPoints on top of the full value of your week.
  • Banking early means you have more time to prepare for your holiday and save for all those indulgences that usually go with holiday.
  • Flexi week owners who bank their week in advance get first pickings on the best resorts across SA and abroad.
  • Note to Flexi week owners: Should you own a flexi week and not set the week prior to banking it with iExchange, you grant consent to iExchange for setting the week on your behalf. iPoints will be based on this set week. It is however preferable that you set your week with your resort, so as to ensure you get the particular week to get you maximum iPoints.